2008 Nissan 350z Review

2008 Nissan 350zWhat’s going on everyone they’re giving you another car review today on the my buddy Chris is 2000 name black metallic Nissan 350 Z from first impressions are driving this car so smooth and it’s very compact as you guys know it only 6 to people Denise unequipped these cars with a 3.5 liter V6, 6 speed manual transmission and pushed him roughly 306 horsepower to the crank at 68 0 RPM this terrific disease of the 2008 as an HR motor now you’re probably wondering what that is in that’s dual intakes and a higher Rev limiter, red lines at about a grand so the start as an HKS through dual exhausts and honestly it sounds very good. Nice HID 350z Depo headlights.

Was going to go to the suspension of this car has a front and rear multi links suspension and also has a front and rear sway bar comes stock with the 3 cities why we got a nice little turn coming on what’s the hell this thing handles. So this right side. People by the Real dry, So Just think, Sporty look, Overall. So this. At 49000 For about. So the I have this For as long. Been doing the fat. Look at Alright so we’re here at the spot home and get this thing. Lined up where I wanna and. And there will be dozens or the other.