How to remove water from the gas tank.

gas tankMany motorists believe that if they are filled with “proven” gas stations, the water in the tank for them in any way couldn’t get.

But this is a misconception, the water in the tank can be formed if the driver likes to fill “a little bit”, while on the walls of the fuel tank due to the ingress of warm air, condensation is made and thus water gradually accumulates.

Get rid of the water in the tank is actually easy. Although currently on sale is the “special liquid” to remove it, the value of it is large and “secret” of the composition is very simple – it is a normal alcohol. As it is known, water is not mixed with gasoline, but it is well mixed with the alcohol, so that when the tank will have very little fuel, then add 200-500 gr. of alcohol (ethanol and food suitable technical and methyl alcohol), it is mixed with water forming a flammable liquid that without consequences will burn in the engine.

In order to reduce the risk of water entering the tank, it is sufficient to observe two rules:

  • refuel at tested gas stations;
  • fill the full tank and constantly refilled at the slightest opportunity.