Ford Fusion 2012 headligh Bulb Replacement

The guys have you done. This is a quick media changer headlamps your low beam headlamps. On a Ford Fusion headlight. And this should work through for the 2012 through model. As they really didn’t change much. Terms of appearance. And especially 2012 ford fusion headlights. So this should work for any of that series. So now here’s your high beam over here is your. Yeah sees makes your turn signal. Not touching lobbying signal go out first. I recommend you replace one your place the other. As well When one goes out typically the other goes out. So what they’re after.

All you need is a 10 millimeters socket. Well to start with the passenger side here. Will it take that sake bottle loosen these 2 bolts here. This sort of slides over pop self. Not to take the hose off again you just want to have enough room for your hand go beneath there and change the bulb. But you can slip your hand through here. Shelia Well beams arc.

2012 ford fusion headlightsCover his love his rubber like that 12 signs release the pop on and off. And Bob is right in there. So what you get that all of you take the cover off 2012 Ford Fusion headlights. If your hands. Grab it and turn it a quarter turn. I tried out replace the bulb but back in. No Philip come a lot when you when you turn it. Good to go on that side. If you get to pick your belt back on your arm. The radiator and acoustic. Other side now you knows it looks a little more complicated but to be honest. Simply No tools required. That’s always good right. Basically this little. Sort of a plastic. A bolt here. My god I just can’t take your hand to swear pry that open. That way this sort of like results.

I think this will clear. Take your hand just sort of. It’s not that. And of what you have all that this is all be nice and open there’s an opus records like on the other side take that off. Quarter turn take it out the bulb out. Back in quarter turn bam. The cover back on set this in place not this over here. Simple as that. It’s a lot simpler than it looks. Little ford fusion headlights creativity I so I just figured it out on my own. Mainly for the driver side what’s on the pressure side there’s a number of videos on YouTube for the passenger side however. Has been the videos for the jabber sites all suspected been. When I make a video for both. So I hope this helps. And if this help you out dislike my video pick. Thank you ask a good day.