Ferrari Sergio Pininfarina.

Ferrari Sergio Pininfarina.Justification of revolutionary appearance of Sergio lies in its name: car, dedicated to the memory of the great designer Sergio Pininfarina, could not be conservative. And, of course, decorate such car can only label company that Sergio has devoted fifty years of his creative activity, – Ferrari.

Despite the appearance, flip upside down all the ideas about acceptable, the car from the very beginning was not built as a show car, but as a real roadster – with verified aerodynamics, chassis of the Ferrari 458 Spider, and already known dynamic characteristics: less than 3.4 seconds from zero to a hundred, and 320 km / h top speed.

Even at first glance shocking lack of windshield is no idle whim of the designer. In Pininfarina we were told that the special design and the hood vents, lurking in the recesses of the body, creating the so-called “virtual screen” – a dead zone, which protects driver and passenger head from the wind.