2015 Toyota RAV4 Review

Today we are driving the 2015 Toyota Rav 4. We’re in XLE trim level which is the mid level for the rap for and it starts at just around 25 $0. Every Toyota Rav 4 comes with the same engine gets a 2.54 cylinder, engine that delivers 100 76 horsepower, and 100 72 pound feet of torque. It’s solid it’s comfortable it’s going to be sufficient for most people’s needs if a little bit sluggish and a little jerky and the shifting special you’re climbing a hill there also is the option of an eco mode or sport mode so if you try to maximize your feel efficiency you hit enter eco mode it’s gonna pull off the exhilaration a little bit so or if you allow extra sport like your excel ring onto the highway move into sport out.

2015 Toyota RAV4The front wheel drive is rated at 24 city 31 highway you’ll lose just a couple miles per gallon with the all wheel drive. The overall body dimensions of the Rav 4 make it slightly larger in the class and the other vehicles but that doesn’t say translate to a much bigger passenger space is very average right the middle of all the competition the interior of the cabin is open it has great visibility of vaccines roaming comfortable the seat, in the initial position feels a little hard and straight up buds reclines. And we find a lot so you can make an adjustment that your needs and it’ll make your passengers happy on a road trip. The RAV4 XLE model we have has been equipped with a powerless hats. Which makes it very convenient stick into the cargo space which is incidentally some of the best in class behind the second row you get 38.4 cubic feet which translates to over 8 suitcases in our suitcase test. Additional information RAV4 headlights see at http://u-lightled.com/toyota-rav4/headlights.html

You are a little more space you can put the second row down sod always through this function but it will give you 73.4 cubic feet of space which gives you almost with a double amount of space for your suitcases. The compact crossover segment is really crowded these days quite competitive but they’re out for is a solid contender and has been for years sort of website says that 90 percent of the Rav 4 is built over the last 10 years are still on the road today so if that doesn’t speak to the reliability and practicality of the car I don’t know what does. I mean it’s a nice car overall it doesn’t wow me with anything but it’s good and it’s gonna suffice for most people’s needs were in this market so may not be the most exciting vehicle on the road but it’s going to give a lot of people what they need so with bats.

2008 Nissan 350z Review

2008 Nissan 350zWhat’s going on everyone they’re giving you another car review today on the my buddy Chris is 2000 name black metallic Nissan 350 Z from first impressions are driving this car so smooth and it’s very compact as you guys know it only 6 to people Denise unequipped these cars with a 3.5 liter V6, 6 speed manual transmission and pushed him roughly 306 horsepower to the crank at 68 0 RPM this terrific disease of the 2008 as an HR motor now you’re probably wondering what that is in that’s dual intakes and a higher Rev limiter, red lines at about a grand so the start as an HKS through dual exhausts and honestly it sounds very good. Nice HID 350z Depo headlights.

Was going to go to the suspension of this car has a front and rear multi links suspension and also has a front and rear sway bar comes stock with the 3 cities why we got a nice little turn coming on what’s the hell this thing handles. So this right side. People by the Real dry, So Just think, Sporty look, Overall. So this. At 49000 For about. So the I have this For as long. Been doing the fat. Look at Alright so we’re here at the spot home and get this thing. Lined up where I wanna and. And there will be dozens or the other.

Ford Fusion 2012 headligh Bulb Replacement

The guys have you done. This is a quick media changer headlamps your low beam headlamps. On a Ford Fusion headlight. And this should work through for the 2012 through model. As they really didn’t change much. Terms of appearance. And especially 2012 ford fusion headlights. So this should work for any of that series. So now here’s your high beam over here is your. Yeah sees makes your turn signal. Not touching lobbying signal go out first. I recommend you replace one your place the other. As well When one goes out typically the other goes out. So what they’re after.

All you need is a 10 millimeters socket. Well to start with the passenger side here. Will it take that sake bottle loosen these 2 bolts here. This sort of slides over pop self. Not to take the hose off again you just want to have enough room for your hand go beneath there and change the bulb. But you can slip your hand through here. Shelia Well beams arc.

2012 ford fusion headlightsCover his love his rubber like that 12 signs release the pop on and off. And Bob is right in there. So what you get that all of you take the cover off 2012 Ford Fusion headlights. If your hands. Grab it and turn it a quarter turn. I tried out replace the bulb but back in. No Philip come a lot when you when you turn it. Good to go on that side. If you get to pick your belt back on your arm. The radiator and acoustic. Other side now you knows it looks a little more complicated but to be honest. Simply No tools required. That’s always good right. Basically this little. Sort of a plastic. A bolt here. My god I just can’t take your hand to swear pry that open. That way this sort of like results.

I think this will clear. Take your hand just sort of. It’s not that. And of what you have all that this is all be nice and open there’s an opus records like on the other side take that off. Quarter turn take it out the bulb out. Back in quarter turn bam. The cover back on set this in place not this over here. Simple as that. It’s a lot simpler than it looks. Little ford fusion headlights creativity I so I just figured it out on my own. Mainly for the driver side what’s on the pressure side there’s a number of videos on YouTube for the passenger side however. Has been the videos for the jabber sites all suspected been. When I make a video for both. So I hope this helps. And if this help you out dislike my video pick. Thank you ask a good day.

Infiniti will present a unique series motor

Infiniti motorAt the International Paris motor show (Mondial de l’automobile) on the 29-th of Sep 2016 INFINITI will introduce the VC-T (Variable Compression-Turbocharged) – the world’s first production engine with a variable compression ratio, and one of the most technologically advanced internal combustion engines in history.

After more than 20 years of scientific and technical work the new four-cylinder petrol engine of the INFINITI VT-C with turbocharger was a major technological breakthrough in the segment of power units of the internal combustions.

The technology of VT-C is a new chapter in the history of internal combustion engines, which are now not constrained to a fixed aspect ratio. Originality VC-T is the engine’s ability to transform and smoothly adjust the height of the stroke of the pistons – it changes the engine displacement and compression ratio from 8:1 for maximum dynamics up to 14:1 for fuel economy. The complex engine management system with 2006 Nissan 350z tail lights automatically applies the optimal ratio depending on the situation.

Kia Mohave.

The car was spotted in Germany during the test runs. Based on available photographs, the new version has a very modern and attractive form. So, it was the sloping roof, the architecture of grille is different on the model of the Asian and European markets. It is fully chromed, as it befits a premium model. Brand label is significantly increased in size. Here the power of the beam is arranged an additional air intake.Off-road vehicle kia

The wheel arches of increasing size added impressiveness to the external image. The geometry of the head optics repeats adjacent body parts. Lights are fitted with chrome bezels and LED elements. Full LED rear light. Spoiler of new form is visible in aft. Through the use of aluminum alloys Kia is felt better on 100 kg. Interior of the cabin meets the status of the car, which is significantly overhauled. Door cards are changed, the geometry of the seats, the steering wheel with a plurality of function keys, front panel design. The same dashboard is remained. Intelligent filling of KIA includes advanced options.

Ferrari Sergio Pininfarina.

Ferrari Sergio Pininfarina.Justification of revolutionary appearance of Sergio lies in its name: car, dedicated to the memory of the great designer Sergio Pininfarina, could not be conservative. And, of course, decorate such car can only label company that Sergio has devoted fifty years of his creative activity, – Ferrari.

Despite the appearance, flip upside down all the ideas about acceptable, the car from the very beginning was not built as a show car, but as a real roadster – with verified aerodynamics, chassis of the Ferrari 458 Spider, and already known dynamic characteristics: less than 3.4 seconds from zero to a hundred, and 320 km / h top speed.

Even at first glance shocking lack of windshield is no idle whim of the designer. In Pininfarina we were told that the special design and the hood vents, lurking in the recesses of the body, creating the so-called “virtual screen” – a dead zone, which protects driver and passenger head from the wind.

How to remove water from the gas tank.

gas tankMany motorists believe that if they are filled with “proven” gas stations, the water in the tank for them in any way couldn’t get.

But this is a misconception, the water in the tank can be formed if the driver likes to fill “a little bit”, while on the walls of the fuel tank due to the ingress of warm air, condensation is made and thus water gradually accumulates.

Get rid of the water in the tank is actually easy. Although currently on sale is the “special liquid” to remove it, the value of it is large and “secret” of the composition is very simple – it is a normal alcohol. As it is known, water is not mixed with gasoline, but it is well mixed with the alcohol, so that when the tank will have very little fuel, then add 200-500 gr. of alcohol (ethanol and food suitable technical and methyl alcohol), it is mixed with water forming a flammable liquid that without consequences will burn in the engine.

In order to reduce the risk of water entering the tank, it is sufficient to observe two rules:

  • refuel at tested gas stations;
  • fill the full tank and constantly refilled at the slightest opportunity.